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Here you can activate an avatar and start experiencing the full potential of AI directly in WhatsApp as simple as texting to your closest friends.

All of them have different personalities and will text you in different ways, pick one that suits your lifestyle and needs.

We have 2 types of Avatar, the NFT limited edition and the series for general use.

Get a unique profile picture of your avatar.

Listen to their voice! All the avatars will send you an audio so you can get to know them better.

It's not necessary to download and install other apps and fill your phone with more apps, start now in WhatsApp just like texting your friends and family.

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Series 1

Discover our exclusive set of characters with business-oriented visionaries who utilize their scientific knowledge and astute instincts to shape the future of enterprises.

Series 2

Meet our set of astute characters each known for their social skills and valuable advice. They engage using casual language and possess a vast knowledge on an impressive array of subjects

Series 3

Introducing our set of avatars bringing AI within your reach they're extremely precise always ready to enhance their performance and possess knowledge on virtually any topic they operate with flawless accuracy.

Series 4

Introducing our set of avatars known for her friendly counsel and positive disposition. Whether you need translations, email writing assistance, updates on trending topics or the right tone of language, she's got you covered.

Series 5

Our avatars known for taking care of their health and physical condition, they like to go out, appreciate friendship very much and loyalty, if you want they can give you tips for your diet during the week.

OpenSea NFT Collection

By purchasing one of our nft, you will have in your possession one of the limited edition avatars and no one else will be able to use your avatar.

After acquiring your exclusive limited edition avatar, it will be necessary to activate your avatar.

The monthly cost for using your avatar on WhatsApp or Telegram with all the AI power of our server is $9 USD

This means that you can talk to your avatar as long as you pay the monthly fee and no one else can use the same avatar.

Also, when you decide, you can sell your NFT like any other at the price you like, through any NFT platform.

OpenSea Collection

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Under development in our laboratory

Dozens of new characters are currently being crafted in our LAB, many boasting unique qualities and special personalities. If you spot one that catches your eye, drop a message to our support team to reserve it or be notified when new ones become available.