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All of them are highly trained and have different personalities, they will text you
in different ways and have the ability for human-like conversation.

Whether you need translations, plans activities for your children, chats with you, help with scripting skills

Improves your emails, business-oriented strategies, wellness and health tips, designs your weekly menu

They've got you covered!


  • Forward-thinking

  • Artistic skills

  • Creative

  • 25%

    Extremely precise

  • 25%

    Translations skills


  • Positively influences

  • Entrepreneur

  • Successful

  • 10%


  • 20%

    Congenial nature

  • 10%

    Outgoing and affable character

Just like texting everyone

Our avatars

We have 2 types of Avatar, the NFT limited edition and the general use ones.

Designed for teachers, business individuals, health and well-being advocates, those requiring translation help, personal assistants, students and those fostering creativity including artists.

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Cooming soon

Soon you will be able to make your payments with crypto.

The avatars will come equipped with even more amazing and fun features.

Instructions are currently provided in English and Spanish. Stay tuned for the introduction of more languages.

About us

Avatar is a company dedicated to assisting people through an accessible
and easy-to-use platform for everyone.

In addition to offering a user-friendly interface, we provide an array of services
and tools tailored to various needs, ensuring our clients receive personalized support and solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept the most secure payment methods today, you can use the Paypal system for payment by credit or debit card.

All subscriptions are monthly and you can cancel at any time, without any penalty.
You have full control of payments through your PayPal account from there you can cancel
your subscription or change the payment method.


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